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  1. Inigualable en las 10"

    By ediaz January 31, 2014

    Excepcional el sonido desde las frecuencias mas bajas, sin presentar alguna distorsiĆ³n, con la capacidad de presencia en espacios muy bueno.

  2. eq -max 10 exelente

    By javier hurrle December 28, 2013

    este sub lo compre para un cine en casa 5.1 y es verdaderamente sorprendente su fucionamiento , es potente y nitido a la ves no se satura , por ejemplo para musica es sensacional por graduas el volumen hasta que la musica tenga mas cuerpo y listo , para el cine hay que bajar el volumen un poco y bueno las peliculas de efectos suenan muy bien , el sub es muy sensible y le da mucho realismo a las pelicula , es como estar en el cine.
    estoy enamorado de el , el preciop lo vale

  3. Amazing sound and auto EQ feature

    By A. Fabbri September 14, 2012

    Compared to my other 10" subwoofer, the JBL Balboa SUB 10 - 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer, you can tell this is a more expensive sub. The sound is exceptionally clean and the response across the low range it covers is very consistent. The lack of certain "boomy" frequencies makes for very tight and clean sounding music. The amount of power for a 10" sub is pretty amazing as well.

    - Auto EQ feature. This thing comes with a microphone with a long cable. You plug in the mic and place it where you will be listening. Press the auto eq button and it sweeps through a bunch of frequencies and *automatically sets the EQ to balance out the response curve to your room*.
    - Sound. Wow. This thing sounds really clean and tight.
    - Remote. At first I though it was silly to have a remote but it has a volume control as well as presets that are very good. Once you've done the auto EQ, then adjusted the volume to be in balance with your other speakers, the sound is fantastic.
    - Display. You can turn of the LED display, which is visible under the fabric grille. When on, it shows the volume setting and gives feedback on which mode you are in.

    - Footprint. My JBL 10 is taller with a smaller footprint. This thing takes up a good bit of floor space.
    - Build. Rounded corners and a tougher fabric grille are needed. I found the sharp corners chip easily and the fabric rips very easily. I'm concerned about long term ware on the fragile enclosure.

    Overall, this is the best sounding 10" sub I've tested. I'm a bass player who is the "sound engineer" for recording my band, as a hobby, so I'm very used to being picky about levels, balance, and lower frequencies. This thing sounds really, really good. I hope they improve the enclosure with rounded corners and a tougher grille fabric, because the insides of this thing are top notch.

    Overall 4.5 stars. Highly recommended. Sound == Wow.

  4. Great performance from a 10" sub

    By R. Anderson September 14, 2012

    This is a very strong sub that can handle a ton of bass and not get distorted. Hookup is easy, especially if you have a pre-sub out jack on the back of your receiver. It's very close to plug and play in its ease of setup.

    The sub comes with a microphone on a 30' chord that you plug into the sub and then put the receiving end of the mic where you would sit in the room. The sub then cycles out 12 tone frequencies and 'learns' from how the bass is projected in the room. It then sets the volume and phase based on this information. Takes a lot of the guesswork out of trying to calibrate it myself. I used this function and haven't changed the settings since, as the sub sounds great from this calibration.

    Bass is rich and powerful. It comes with a small remote that easily lets you adjust the volume of the bass, which is nice when switching from music to movies.

    Overall I'm very satisfied with this product. It adds a whole other level of sound to an in-home movie experience. I've heard other 10" subs that crack under the pressure of a movie with lots of explosions, but this sub handles it with ease.

    I did give it 4/5 stars because the documentation that comes in the package is very weak. I had to log onto their website to find the online documentation, which was not as easy to find as it should have been. Once I found the documentation, the rest of the setup was a breeze.


    By Brad B September 14, 2012

    The Auto EQ mode works really well. Every room is different and every placement is different. I have had quiet a few receivers have a similar function and it really does to well at setting the response curve. Neato.
    Installation is super easy. Plug it into the wall. Plug it into your receiver, run the auto eq. Enjoy.
    Looks great. Its a sub, so it's a big black box - true - but the front grill looks nice and classy.
    The sound coming out of this is nice and clean. Movies sounds good. Pandora sounds good. Not exactly the greatest sources, but it sounds really, really nice.

    Not really funny, but slightly unnecessary and prone for me to loose is the remote. A sub woofer with a remove. Just seems unnecessary.

  6. EQ-Max 10 Inch Subwoofer

    By dave September 01, 2012

    just brought this sub ,about week ago was very impressed it gos really deep and you can feel the base deep in side.dos need some paying around with to get right but the eq helps i find it best for movies and for the price point its the best bang for your buck.

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