Service Bulletins

Digital Drive Service Bulletin 

Problem: Loss of video on Digital Drive products. 

Solution: Many new receivers and AV processors support HDMI connectivity and can up-convert legacy source material to true high definition 1080i/p output. If you're having difficulty currently seeing the video from your Digital Drive product, go into the receiver's setup menu and select a lower output resolution. You may also find that it's helpful to utilize a composite to S-video adaptor to help in this process and go into your receiver using the S-video input. Doing so will eliminate one step in the video processing chain.


Digital Drive Service Bulletin 

Problem: Loss of feedback or response from Digital Drive product when using Crestron-based RS-232 control system. Many Digital Drive users utilizing the Crestron control panels to control their product via RS-232 protocol have experienced a lack of response from the subwoofer after updating the firmware on their Digital Drive product. 

Solution: If you have recently updated the software on your Digital Drive product and are now having difficulty getting the subwoofer to respond to Crestron commands, you may need to contact Crestron in order to revise their command software to correspond with the latest version of the Digital Drive firmware.


SubContractor and SC-600 Series Service Bulletin 

Wire Gauge and Quality 
In simple terms, the extra resistance from the wire will have a negative affect on the sound quality of the speaker. The sound will be less dynamic and definition of bass frequencies will be reduced, to a degree in proportion to the amount of added resistance. Amplifier power is also wasted on heat in the extra resistance of the wire, reducing the maximum output level of the system. 

A good rule of thumb is that the total wire resistance should be less than 10% of the nominal speaker impedance. If using a nominally 8 ohm speaker, your total wire resistance should be no more than 0.8 ohm. Similarly, a 4 ohm speaker should be used with no more than 0.4 ohm total resistance of wire. Bear in mind that this resistance is a SUM of BOTH "+" lead AND "-" lead of the powering wire. The effect of the wire on the system performance will be even less if you can use a lower gauge number wire (or larger diameter) than that which will yield 10% of the speaker load. 

Please refer to the following chart when deciding on the appropriate wire gauge for your installation. Only the wire gauges that are below the bold line are recommended for 8 ohm use; those highlighted in green are recommended for 8 ohm and 4 ohm use. 



Warranty Update: AC Voltage Selector Switch 

Velodyne's exclusive product warranty is region specific. For those products now manufactured with an AC Voltage Selector switch on them, the product is warranted only within the region in which it was originally sold and intended to be used in. Any tampering with the switch or change to the products operating voltage will be considered product tampering and immediately void the warranty.