Velodyne audio products are sold throughout the world through a network of authorized dealers selected by Velodyne. Some of these dealers may have internet sites on which they are authorized to sell Velodyne products. Our dealers have been selected based on their ability to properly represent Velodyne products, and provide you with a certain level of support and service.

Velodyne’s warranty is limited to the original purchaser of items from these authorized dealers or directly from Velodyne via our website or Amazon. Often while shopping online you may stumble upon a “too-good-to-ignore” deal from a internet only dealer. Often times these products are being offered for sale by companies that do not do business with Velodyne. Velodyne does not know the origin of these products which could be counterfeit, stolen, freight salvage, “Frankenstein” units made from various parts, or come from other mysterious sources. As a result Velodyne is unable to provide warranty on any goods bearing our name that does not have a valid serial number, and has not been purchased from an authorized Velodyne dealer.

Many unauthorized resellers alter the serial numbers with their own to hide detection. If your new Velodyne subwoofer has no serial number, or an obviously altered one, or the serial number on the subwoofer does not match the one on the box, immediately contact us to begin an investigation, there may be a legitimate reason for this.

Often times the website of an unauthorized dealer will tell you they are not authorized if you know where to look. If you check the websites “About Us” tab and read through the script, you will often see them admit that they are not authorized to sell all the products on their site and that the “purchase overstock goods from authorized dealers”. These sites will often go on to state you should avoid contacting the manufacturer for service or support. A definite red flag.

Below is a partial list of known unauthorized internet dealers, you should not purchase any Velodyne product from these sites. Exclusion from this list does not necessarily mean a site is authorized to sell Velodyne products. Should you have any questions regarding whether a dealer is authorized or not please contact us at 408-465-2800 (M-F, 7am-4:30pm Pacific Time).


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