Warranty Terms & Conditions - Headphones

Limited warranty - U.S. and Canada only

VELODYNE ACOUSTICS, INC. (“Velodyne”) warrants this product for a period of one year from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship subject to the following conditions:

  1. This warranty is void if any repairs or service covered by the terms of this warranty are made to any component of this product by anyone other than a VELODYNE factory authorized service representative.
  2. VELODYNE is not responsible for damage caused by ordinary wear and tear, cosmetic damage, incorrect connection, accidents, abuse, misuse, negligence, natural or personal disaster or unauthorized modification. This includes exposure to heat, cold, sun, liquids, sand and contaminants.
  3. This warranty is limited to products purchased from authorized VELODYNE dealers and finalized within authorized dealer locations.
  4. This warranty is void if this product is damaged due to a defect in the device to which it was connected, such as a battery leak or electrical fault.
  5. Proof of purchase is required. A proof of purchase is a receipt with the product and date of purchase listed from an authorized dealer.


This warranty is non-transferable under any condition. This warranty is separate and distinct from VELODYNE’s subwoofer warranty.


Warranty outside the U.S. and Canada

The warranty of this product, if it is sold to a consumer outside of the United States or Canada, shall comply with applicable law and shall be the sole responsibility of the distributor that supplied this product. To obtain any applicable warranty service, please contact the dealer from which you purchased this product or the distributor that supplied this product.


To obtain service

Information regarding service may be obtained from the dealer from whom you purchased the unit, or by contacting VELODYNE customer service. Warranty service must be performed by a VELODYNE factory authorized service representative within the warranty period set forth above. If VELODYNE determines that the unit is defective, VELODYNE will at VELODYNE’s option, repair or replace the product at no charge if the product is forwarded prepaid to a factory authorized service representative. Products forwarded to the factory authorized service representative should be shipped securely and properly packaged, insured and postage prepaid.

Customer service contact information:

Email: service@velodyne.com