Warranty Terms & Conditions - Subwoofers

Velodyne Acoustics, Inc. (“Velodyne”)  except where otherwise stated, warrants  all new subwoofers for a period of two (2) years , certified refurbished subwoofers are warranted for a period of one (1) year, and headphones for a period of one (1) year.  Velodyne will, during the warranty period, repair or replace any defective parts (using new or refurbished parts at Velodyne’s discretion) within a reasonable period of time, free of charge.

In order to validate your warranty, you will need to submit to Velodyne the original sales invoice or other proof of ownership and date of purchase along with your warranty claim, online product registration does not constitute proof of purchase.  Products under warranty must be forwarded prepaid to a factory-authorized service representative. Products must be packed properly, shipped securely and insured. Velodyne is not responsible for repairing or replacing products or product parts damaged during shipping due to improper packaging.

If the product under warranty is no longer available and, subsequently, cannot be repaired, Velodyne will, at its discretion, replace the original product with a substitute product of equal or greater value, either new or refurbished.

This warranty does not cover cosmetic damage. This warranty is void if product is sold or transferred to another party.


This warranty is valid only for:

  • products purchased directly from Velodyne or from an authorized Velodyne dealer.
  • products purchased in the United States and/or Canada (for products purchased outside the United States and/or Canada, please consult your local authorized Velodyne dealer).


This warranty is NOT applicable for:

  • defects or damages resulting from the use of an amplifier or controller other than the one originally supplied with the subwoofer.
  • defects or damages resulting from modifications, repairs or services made by anyone other than a Velodyne factory-authorized service representative.
  • defects or damages caused by improper use or maintenance, accidents, abuse, misuse, natural or personal disaster or unauthorized modifications.
  • products whose serial number has been altered, removed or defaced.
  • defects or damages caused by improper packing for shipping or shipping itself.


To obtain service under warranty:

In order to obtain service under warranty, please contact the dealer from whom you purchased the product or contact Velodyne customer service by sending an email to service@velodyne.com. Once all requested documentation has been received by Velodyne, an RA number will be issued by the end of the following business day.