What to Buy

You've made the decision to buy a subwoofer. Now the question is, which one?

Answer the questions below and you'll be on your way to finding the right sub for you.
One note on determining the cubic feet (width x height x length) of your room - take into account the entire room not just the listening or viewing area. If a listening room is "open" to a kitchen, for example, the kitchen's volume must also be considered. Higher ceilings and cathedral ceilings are a critical factor in determining the room's total volume.

Are you looking for an in-room subwoofer or one that would be built-in?

How large is your listening area (ensure open space - W x H x L) in cubic feet?
Up to 2000 cu ft
Above 3500

What is your budget range?
Below $500
Over $3000

Will the sub(s) be placed in a designated spot or are there options for placement?
Designated spot(s)
Placement is flexible
Not sure

Will you be listening to movies/video or music or both?

Do you care how big the subwoofer cabinet is?
Cabinet size is not an issue
Smallest possible size is critical