Discontinued Products and Recommended Replacements

Note:  The following list may contain some models that are in the process of being discontinued.  If something you are interested in is on this list, it is wisest to purchase it now.  If you missed it, follow this list to find an approximate equivalent model.





Bass Matrix Series (Chrysalis) BX-10   EQ-Max10  
  BX-12   EQ-Max12  
Classic Theater Series CT-80   Impact-Mini or EQ-Max8  
  CT-100   Impact-10 or EQ-Max10  
  CT-120   Impact-12 or EQ-Max12  
  CT-150   EQ-Max15 or 2 x EQ-Max12  
  CT Front Row System L/C/R   None  
  CT-41 Speaker   None  
  CT-42 Center Speaker   None  
Classic Home Theater Series CHT-8   EQ-Max8  
  CHT-10   EQ-Max10  
  CHT-12   EQ-Max12  
  CHT-15   EQ-Max15 or 2 x EQ-Max12  
  CHT Front Row System L/C/R   None  
  CHT-14 Speaker   None  
  CHT-24 Center Speaker   None  
Classic Home Theater - Remote Controlled Series CHT-8R   EQ-Max8  
  CHT-10R   EQ-Max10  
  CHT-12R   EQ-Max12  
  CHT-15R   EQ-Max15 or 2 x EQ-Max12  
Classic Home Theater - Equalization Series CHT-8Q   EQ-Max8  
  CHT-10Q   EQ-Max10  
  CHT-12Q   EQ-Max12  
  CHT-15Q   EQ-Max15 or 2 x EQ-Max12  
Deco Home Theater System Deco Subwoofer   MiniVee  
  Deco Satellite Speakers   None  
Distortion Free Series DF-661   None  
Distortion-Free Subwoofer, Automotive DF-10sc   None  
  DF-12sc   None  
Digital Drive Series DD-10   DD-10+  
  DD-12   DD-10+ or DD-12+  
  DD-15   DD-12+ or DD-15+  
  DD-18   DD-18+ or 2 x DD-15+  
  DD-1812 Signature   DD-18+ or 2 x DD-15+  
Digital Equalization - Remote Controlled Series DEQ-8R   EQ-Max8  
  DEQ-10R   EQ-Max10  
  DEQ-12R   EQ-Max12  
  DEQ-15R   EQ-Max15 or 2 x EQ-Max12  
Digital Power Slot Series DPS-10   EQ-Max10  
  DPS-12   EQ-Max12  
Distortion Limiting Series DLS-3500   EQ-Max8  
  DLS-3750   EQ-Max10  
  DLS-4000   EQ-Max12  
  DLS-5000   EQ-Max15 or 2 x EQ-Max12  
Distortion Limiting Series - Remote Controlled DLS-3500R   EQ-Max8  
  DLS-3750R   EQ-Max10  
  DLS-4000R   EQ-Max12  
  DLS-5000R   EQ-Max15 or 2 x EQ-Max12  
Foundation Series F-1000   Optimum-10  
  F-1200   Optimum-10 or Optimum-12  
  F-1500   DD-10+ or DD-12+  
  F-1000X   Optimum-10  
  F-1200X   Optimum-10 or Optimum-12  
  F-1200R   Optimum-10 or Optimum-12  
  F-1500R   DD-10+ or DD-12+  
  F-1200X/R   Optimum-10 or Optimum-12  
  F-1800X/R   DD-12+ or DD-15+ or DD-18+  
  F-1800RII   DD-12+ or DD-15+ or DD-18+  
  FSR-10   Optimum-10  
  FSR-12   Optimum-10 or Optimum-12  
  FSR-15   DD-10+ or DD-12+  
  FSR-18   DD-12+ or DD-15+ or DD-18+  
  FSX-12   Optimum-10 or Optimum-12  
High Gain Servo Series HGS-10   DD-10+  
  HGS-12   DD-10+ or DD-12+  
  HGS-15   DD-12+ or DD-15+  
  HGS-18   DD-18+ or 2 x DD-15+  
  HGS-10X   DD-10+  
  HGS-12X   DD-10+ or DD-12+  
  HGS-15X   DD-12+ or DD-15+  
Install Advantage Series (Chrysalis) IA-IWS1   SC-600IW (contact your local dealer)  
  IA-400D   SC-600D (contact your local dealer)  
LD Series LD-1 Speaker   None  
  LD-2 Speaker   None  
  LD-3 Speaker   None  
Mic-5 Mic-5 Kit   None  
MiniVee Series MiniVee-10   Optimum-10  
Photon Series (Chrysalis) Photon-8   MiniVee  
  Photon-10   Optimum-10  
SA-7 SA-7   Optimum-12  
SC Series (Subcontractor) SC-8   MiniVee  
  SC-10   Optimum-10  
  SC-12   Optimum-12  
  SC-15   EQ-Max15 or 2 x EQ-Max12 or DD-15+  
  SC-IF/IC   None  
SC-600 Series SC-600IF/IC   SC-600IW (ceiling only; contact your local dealer)  
Servo 1200 Servo 1200   Optimum-12  
SPL Series (Small Plays Loud) SPL-800   EQ-Max8 or Optimum-10  
  SPL-1000   Optimum-10  
  SPL-1200   Optimum-12  
  SPL-800 Series II   EQ-Max8 or Optimum-10  
  SPL-1000 Series II   Optimum-10  
  SPL-1200 Series II   Optimum-12  
  SPL-800R   EQ-Max8 or Optimum-10  
  SPL-1000R   Optimum-10  
  SPL-1200R   Optimum-12  
  SPL-800Ultra   EQ-Max8 or Optimum-10  
  SPL-1000Ultra   Optimum-10  
  SPL-1200Ultra   Optimum-12  
  SPL-1000i   Optimum-10  
  SPL Center Stage L/C/R   None  
  SPL-23 Speaker   None  
  SPL-523 Center Speaker   None  
Starfire Series (Chrysalis) Starfire-10   Impact-10  
  Starfire-12   Impact-12  
Subwoofer Management System SMS-1B   None  
ULD Series (Ultra Low Distortion) ULD-12   DD-10+ or DD-12+  
  ULD-15   DD-12+ or DD-15+  
  ULD-18   DD-15+ or DD-18+  
  ULD-18 THX   DD-15+ or DD-18+  
VA Series VA-806/68   Impact-10 or EQ-Max8  
  VA-810   Impact-10 or EQ-Max8  
  VA-907   Impact-10 or EQ-Max8  
  VA-1008   Impact-10 or EQ-Max8  
  VA-1012   EQ-Max10  
  VA-1210   EQ-Max10  
  VA-1512   EQ-Max12  
VA-X Series VA-810X   EQ-Max10  
  VA-1012X   EQ-Max10  
  VA-1215X   EQ-Max12  
  VA-1250X   EQ-Max12  
  VA-8100X   EQ-Max10  
VA-X Series II VA-68XII   Impact-10 or EQ-Max8  
  VA-79XII   EQ-Max8  
  VA-810XII   EQ-Max8  
  VA-1012XII   EQ-Max10  
Velodyne Digital Remote Series VDR-10   EQ-Max10  
  VDR-12   EQ-Max12  
VLF Series VLF-810   Impact-10 or EQ-Max10  
  VLF-1012   Impact-12 or EQ-Max12  
Velodyne Mini-Sub Series VMS-8   MiniVee  
VRP Series VRP-1000   Impact-10  
  VRP-1200   Impact-12  
VX Series VX-10   Impact-10  
  VX-11   Impact-10  
WiConnect Series WiConnect-10   Impact-10 + WiConnect System